Lash Extensions & Lash Lifts

Throw away your mascara and wake up with beautiful, glamorous eyes!

Eyelash Extensions are ideal for anyone who would like to wake-up with thicker, longer, more defined lashes—no mascara  or eyelash curler necessary. Perfect for special occasions, tropical vacations, and everyday wear. The eyelash artist mixes lash extensions that vary in length, texture, and degree of curvature, to achieve your desired result.



(90 min.) | $149

One synthetic lash is applied to one natural lash, for a natural look but just a bit darker, longer and hassle free!.

2-Week Touch-Up                                         $65

3-Week Touch-Up                                         $80



(1.75 hrs.) |  $160

Interchange a few pieces of your classic extensions with some volume for just a hint of fluff.

2-Week Touch-Up                                         $80

3-Week Touch-Up                                         $95


(2.5 hrs.) | $190

Up to four synthetic silk lash extensions are

applied onto a single natural lash creating

volume that is luxuriously soft, light and fluffy.

2-Week Touch-Up                                         $95

3-Week Touch-Up                                         $120


(90 min.) | $100

Step up your natural lashes with a Lash Lift!
Lifts make natural lashes perfectly curled and lifted for a beautiful and effortless look that requires no mascara or curlers, up to 6-8 weeks!



PLUMP  |  $15

A 24-karat gold-infused solution that adds nutrients to increase lash density up to 24% from the inside out. Perfect for use after a lash lift, or applied directly on natural lashes, plump keeps lashes healthy and full.

GLAZE  |  $15

An ultra-nourishing keratin formula that helps condition and strengthens lashes holds curled lashes in place, and also lightly tints them. The glaze is perfect for those who have brittle lashes and/or light-colored lashes that need a little TLC and a hint of drama.

Women who are pregnant or nursing, and clients with eye infections or diseases cannot have a Lash Lift performed.

Clients who are undergoing cancer treatments are not advised to have a lash lift performed and must have a doctor's note clearing
them for the procedure before receiving a lash lift.

Clients must remove contact lenses before this service.