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Belleza Makeup & Skincare originated in May 2010 (Belleza translates to beauty in Spanish). My mission was to inspire women to encompass their innate beauty through facials, makeup, and skincare products.

In 2013, the entity was renamed Belleza Day Spa and incorporated into a Limited Liability Corporation. The name day spa was due to our multiple services, including therapeutic body massages, facials, unique event makeup, body treatments, and products.

As time advances, so do the industry modalities. I have always strived to keep abreast of the next best thing. As a business owner, I understand transformation is essential to growth. Today my business is no longer a "day spa" I hold the vision to expand by focusing on new modalities.

Winx Lash & Brow Bar continues to offer services while directing a fresh focus on Lash Extensions, Lash Lifts, Facials, and Brow Microblading.

What makes us different is precisely what makes us beautiful. My job is to help you recognize it, maintain it and, yes, enhance it if that is your choice.

I relish in what I do and appreciate meeting new clients who frequently become true friends, my devotion to offering impeccable customer service is and invariably will be my number one priority.


Lori x x


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