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Lori Rendón — Lash & Brow Artist

Lori's journey has been one of resilience and transformation. With a graphic design and printing background, she owned a successful design studio in San Jose for eleven years. However, when the recession hit in 2008, she had to dissolve her business and pivot. With determination and a passion for beauty, Lori returned to school to become a licensed aesthetician and makeup artist, eventually opening Belleza Day Spa. She continued to grow her business, expanding to include aestheticians and massage therapists.

In 2019, Lori realized her passion lay in lash extensions and microblading brows. She rebranded as Winx Lash & Bar Brow and set out to create a space where women could feel beautiful and confident. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit, and Lori had to shut down her business for over a year. But she didn't let that stop her. When she returned, she realized that the facial side of her business wasn't as profitable as she needed it to be. Despite the setback, Lori focused on what she loves and now exclusively offers Lash & Brow Services.

Through her work, Lori helps women feel The Wow Effect. All Day. Every Day. Her journey teaches us that with passion, determination, and resilience, we can overcome any obstacle and create a life we love.

Lori x x

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